The Pros And Cons Of Online Meetings

With the advanced technology today meetings, can now be done through online. By just accessing the internet, online meetings can be conducted. There are several software options available in the web that companies can avail. Using these can save money and time for the employees and their companies regarding the traveling expenses. It is more convenient in this way for both parties since conducting meetings can now be effortless.

Schedules of the meeting can be set up easily at any time of the day. Instead of having meetings in person this will be held virtually. For people who are into online business like content writing and hiring employees from different parts of the world, meeting through online or by using different medium like Skype or Viber, everything is now possible. You can now do multitasking and can finish more work in lesser time spent.

Online Business Meetings The Good, the Bad and the High Tech

Online Business Meetings The Good, the Bad and the High Tech

Online Meetings contains also pros and cons that companies should remember. Some of the advantages that companies can get is it can reduce the traveling expenses. There will be no more accommodations to be reserve and having a feeling of jet lag. The schedule can be set with no hassle and employees can have the chance to participate. As long as there is an internet access everyone can be present during meetings anywhere they might be. It can be less the pressure since it can be done at home while having coffee. Having meetings early in the morning is made possible and all can participate in the discussion. Also, you don’t need to buy a pair of footwear since you can just have your slippers or not at all. And there are still lots of advantages like the following:

  1. Meeting recordings. You can record the meeting and you can go over it in the future for clarification.

  2. Quality of life. Many people prefer to work online because of its convenience. The quality of life is upgraded and no need to hurry things up like waking up early in the morning and going home late at night. You can also be with your kids while working. working and at same staying at home with kids is of course, hard to handle but if you know how to manage your time, then everything would be just so easy to control.

  3. Cost and travel. The travel cost and time spent will more or less be saved. Working at home really helps when it comes to saving money.

The Pros & Cons of Online Dating: Should You Try It?

The Pros & Cons of Online Dating: Should You Try It?


There are also cons that online meeting contains and this includes problem with the technology. This requires employees to be knowledgeable in computers. They must be proficient in using this type of technology especially the older people that prefers the traditional way of having meetings. Another disadvantage of using this is the security.

Although these are designed to be secured the possibility of having leakage is still present. It is necessary that the information being discussed in the meeting will remain confidential. There can also be lack of focus with the participants since they can have the freedom to check on their mails or do whatever they want on the web.

5 Warning Signs You’re About To Get Dumped

It’s hard to be in a relationship that is about to fail. It’s difficult to accept the fact that everything you’ve worked so hard for is about to end. But what you know what’s harder? It’s when your partner knows that you’re about to get dumbed, and you don’t have any idea. If you see these 5 signs, you better prepare yourself for the day your partner will finally dump you. Better yet, you confront him as early as now so you don’t have to go through all the emotional stress.

  1. There is obvious physical distance

Physical distance is easy to recognize and it’s something you can measure. Is he cuddling you much less than before? If you no longer cuddle, display your affection in public, or have sex the way you used to, then there’s a big chance he’s cheating on you or he’s about to dump you.



  1. You recognize the emotional distance

This is a painful indicator that you’re about to be dumped. You can’t measure emotional distance. There’s no way you can prove your fears. The only thing you can do is worry about it at night. You feel a kind of pain that you just can’t explain. When your partner detaches from you emotionally, there’s a big possibility that his feelings have changed and are not as strong as they once were.

  1. He looks bored whenever you’re together

Boredom is an obvious sign that the relationship is about to end. There’s nothing you can do to keep him excited. Even if you go with him to watch his favorite basketball team or visit a theme park, he still looks bored.

  1. He gets mad at you for the smallest reasons.

You know that you’re about to be dumped if he barks at you for the smallest things. These are the issues that meant nothing to the two of you when everything was still okay. It’s just so hard for him to remain calm when you’re together because he doesn’t really want to be with you in the first place.

How to Dump Him Without Saying a Word

How to Dump Him Without Saying a Word

  1. You don’t understand his behavior

He is passive today then aggressive tomorrow. Why is he doing this? He’s hoping you’d be the one to dump him. But why won’t you dump him? You’re in denial and you’re hoping it will still work out. What does he do? He’ll be the one to dump you.

No one wants to get dumped. But it’s worse to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you anymore. It may be hard to accept the fact that your relationship is about to end, but it’s the only way to get over the pain. Talk to him about it. And if he decides to let you go, move on. Don’t ruin your life with a breakup. There’s another relationship waiting for you anyway and the next one will be a lot better.

Health Hazards Caused By Sleep Deprivation

Having adequate sleep is very significant to everyday living. However, due to the high-paced lifestyle of many individuals who are required to work so long and hard, their sleep patterns are affected and lack of sleep is quite unavoidable. Moreover, older people also experience some form of sleep disorder. This can be taken as one normal sign of aging. Daytime fatigue and drowsiness are likely to be encountered by people aged 50 and beyond.

Lack of sleep is really dangerous to human health. There are many known short term effects due to sleep deprivation like lack of concentration, lack of coordination, slurred speech, blurred vision, headaches, tremors, and hallucinations. However, the most alarming effects of constant insufficient sleep are not the short term consequences but the serious long term heath conditions. Listed here are the three biggest health problems caused by sleep deprivation.



Lack of sleep can lead to high level of sugar

Medical studies have shown that lack of sleep may result in diabetes by affecting the natural way the human body processes glucose. Glucose which is also called simple sugar is very significant to the metabolism process because it acts as fuel to the human cells.

Lack of sleep can lead to heart disease and hypertension

Researches state that even a single night of insufficient sleep can lead to elevated blood pressure that can be experienced within two to three days. An increased in blood pressure can be felt not only by adults but even by adolescents. Consistent nights of insufficient sleep can further result in hypertension, a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

According to studies, there is a correlation between sleep deprivation and increased risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke, not to mention, coronary heart disease among women.

Lack of sleep can result in weight gain

Sleeping less than the standard 7 to 8 hours night sleep may result in food cravings. This happen because sleep deprivation is connected to the levels of leptin, a hormone that sends signal to the brain if it has enough food, as well as to the levels of ghrelin, an element that stimulates the body’s appetite.

If the human body is affected by lack of sleep, it causes hormone deficiency that results in the sudden feeling of hunger. Moreover, the body is too tired to burn off the calories from the food it intakes even with help of physical exercise thus this occurrence leads to weight gain.

The normal sleep hours that medical experts suggest is 7 to 8 hours of continuous night sleep. During these hours, the body gets into a period of inactivity that allows repair and renewal of cells. Likewise, brain gets into an unconsciousness stage to rest and relax. Every day the human brain is busy taking in thousands of data from the senses and then examining that data to determine a course of action. Every little activity that a person does such as touching the skin, seeing and hearing; it’s the human brain that thinks and decides. Therefore, lack of sleep causes the brain to get overloaded and stressed.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of institutions established to provide medical assistance to people suffering from chronic sleep deficiency. While there are many simple remedies and techniques for countering the effects of sleep deprivation, it is always best to consult the professionals.

Problems On Your Resume You Need To Avoid

Your resume is critical to your ability to get a job. It’s often the big decision-making tool that many employers use when figuring out who should get jobs. However, many people who create their own resumes often tend to struggle in doing so. There are a few things that must be done in order to make your resume look its best.

Avoid Grammatical Errors

It takes only one grammatical error on your resume for someone to decline your application. You should double check your resume to make sure it has no grammatical errors on it. This is to ensure that you’ve got a resume that is actually easy to read and utilize. Grammatical errors are often a sign of you being very unprofessional and could end up being a real burden. You have to avoid problems

How to Deal With a Job Gap on a Resume

How to Deal With a Job Gap on a Resume

Avoid Listing Too Much Info

You should have your resume be as informative as possible but that doesn’t mean you should go and make it look all that complicated. Be sure to avoid listing excess data on your resume if you want it to look professional. Stick to listing details on the last ten to fifteen years of work that you’ve gotten into instead of just listing everything you’ve done. You need this to be as concise as possible without going into way too many things that might come out of what’s going around.

Don’t Ignore Your Resume

The third problem people have on their resumes is that they don’t update them enough. You have to update your resume every month or so with new details about what you have been doing. Anything that has impacted your life in some way must be reported on carefully so you’ll actually have details on something that is relevant and easy to use for whatever you want to talk about.

Resume Traps To Avoid

Resume Traps To Avoid

Don’t List Irrelevant Points

Many people often list irrelevant points relating to different duties and other tasks that aren’t relevant to the positions that they are applying for. You must correct this problem by listing skills, experiences and points that are actually relevant to what you want to do first and foremost. This must be used properly so you’ll actually show your potential employer that you are a viable candidate for the job at hand.

Make Sure You Use Keywords

The final mistake to avoid is to make sure that you use keywords that are relevant to the job that you are trying to get. You have to adjust your resume with keywords that relate to the duties that come with a job, the functions that you need to partake in and any requests that a potential employer might have. The goal here is to make yourself look and seem a little more inviting to the employer in terms of what you are actually able to do for that figure.

Your plans for a resume must be used carefully if you’re going to have a better chance with getting a job. A resume can be a hassle if it is not used properly but you can always create something that’s smart and easy to read if you are careful with it.

Raise Your Employee Happiness With A Good Corporate Culture

Several businessmen start off with a good idea, with a capital that’s more than enough, scored a good downtown office space, pay their people well but are still dumbfounded as to why their company has a high employee turnover rate. They find themselves hiring more than usual, but only because several employees quit sooner than you expected.

If you are undergoing the same confusion, then there is a high likelihood that the problem may lie on your corporate culture. See, there is more to a job than what amount reflects on the paycheck or what products you sell. If you really want to keep your people, keep them happy with a really good corporate culture.

8 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Culture

8 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Culture

Stay True to Your Philosophy

Look at your company profile. Look through your website and your Facebook “About Us” page. Remember that part where you’re supposed to list down your core philosophies as a company? Subconsciously remind your people of this. Usually the things listed there are about integrity, loyalty, passion, et cetera. Put them up in frames. Develop mini-contests in the office that are about these. Rekindle the magic and keep the philosophy alive.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Say the magic words “please”, “kindly”, “thank you”, “you’re welcome” and other similar expressions in your language. When you do this, people will feel valued not just for what they contribute to the company but for who they are as well.

3 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

3 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

Make the Office Livable

As a boss, don’t you ever forget the basics of an office that’s nice to work at. Keep the entire place clean, especially the lobby and the comfort room. It’s also nice to have a little pantry space. Provide cookies, biscuits (cheap snacks, actually) and unlimited coffee and tea for your employees there. Lastly, make sure there is enough healthy light and good ventilation. Establish a place of just the right amount of comfort so it is conducive for work.

Set a Good Example

You have virtually no excuse not to be a good example to everyone. Care for your employees, ask about their personal lives (positively, but not too pushy) as you are hanging out by the pantry. When you see trash lying around, throw it away yourself instead of telling the janitor to do it. Come and leave on time, and show everyone you’ve been nothing but a hard worker for the company. Be your very own model employee. People see, and people remember.

Reward but Don’t Announce

If you have an outstanding employee, reward him/her but you don’t have to announce that you did it (as if you’re waiting to be praised as well). Just commend him/her, reward a little (a gadget or a spa getaway for closing thousands worth of deals is nothing) and just keep seeing the people who you know are fully dedicated to their work.